12 Tips for Sleeping Well and Getting Sound Sleep

Sleeping well and getting sound sleep is essential for your well being. If you don’t sleep well, you may have several health related issues. Adults are supposed to get 7-9 hours of sleep on an average to stay fit. Your nightly rest is influenced largely by your schedule of sleeping, bedtime habits and day-to-day lifestyle choices. No matter how busy your work schedule is, you need to get sound sleep and sleep well. Sound sleep helps you remain productive, mentally sharp, emotionally balanced and keeps you full of energy all day long. Sleeping well and a little bit of workout can bring lots of positive changes in your day.

Studies have shown that getting consistent sleep each night can regulate mood and sharpens your learning and memory intake. Even your overall health, weight and energy level depends a lot, on how much you sleep. Sleeping well will ensure good functioning of hormones.

12 Tips for Sleeping Well and Getting Sound Sleep

This is a description of the methods to adopt, in order to have a sound sleep. Slumbers are okay for the day but not for the night.

  1. It is time you set a regular bedtime. Be sure to be in bed exactly at that time of the night. Eventually, after a week, you will find yourself tired and sleepy at one time. Be sure to carry on even during the weekend.
  2. Try to wake up at the same time every day. Automatically, with enough sleep in your sleep bank, you can wake up without an alarm. Weekends should not hamper your sleeping and waking up schedule. It may be tempting to stay up late because after Friday comes Saturday but this should not be done.
  3. In case you had lost some sleep, make up for it by going for daytime naps. Do not make it too long’ only 20-30 minutes will do well for an adult. Too much of daytime sleep will break the rhythm of sleep-wake and push you to insomnia.
  4. It is a bad habit to rush to bed right after dinner. Keep yourself engaged in doing some sort of mild activities to keep yourself from dozing off before your sleep time.
  5. If you come back home from work- tired and dazed, go for a warm water bath. It helps to improve the blood circulation, relaxes your muscles and helps you sleep well at night.
  6. You should increase the amount of exposure to light so that by night you are tired enough to fall asleep.
  7. At night, switch off your television or computer or any backlit electronic device to avoid straining your eyes. You may be falsely convinced that glaring lights help you sleep better. The bedside lamp should have a soft light. It is best to keep the room dark when you sleep. The darker the room, the better you can sleep.
  8. Reading before bedtime is a very good habit to pull sleep. Try reading a book under soft light. Even listening to soft music is a good choice. All these help you to sleep well. Music relaxes your brain a lot. Therefore, it is a nice thing to try. However, try not to listen to noisy stuff.
  9. Your bedroom should not be too hot or too cold. It should have a proper ventilation to avoid suffocating yourself.
  10. Cut down on smoking, drinking or heavy meals before bed. Ideally, your dinner should be over two-three hours before you go to sleep. In addition, during the evening, do not drink too much of fluids, especially caffeinated drinks.
  11. Aim at relaxing yourself. Try doing a few stretches or walking a little. If you are not able to fall sleep within 30 minutes of getting to bed, then do not stay there. That way you will only train your body to lie down and not sleep. With the body relaxed, automatically you will fall asleep. This is when you can read books to help you fall asleep.
  12. Last but not the least; do not worry about anything before going to bed. Silly thought but cry yourself to sleep if you think the things that are bothering you are out of your control now.

Over to you

Do not compromise your quota of sleep for anything. Do not think staying up late at night and finishing work will be a good idea. Most of the young people lose sleep over late night chats over the phone but remember that is doing you more harm than good.

Sleeping is the only key to staying alive and kicking. So sleep well.

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