Practice yoga to lose weight and for general well being

Do you know that yoga is more of a therapy than a normal exercise? It has been associated with general fitness as well as treatment of diseases since ages. Yoga, which is a scientific combination of postures, stretches, bends, meditation and breathing drills, promotes mental as well as physical health. Regular practice of yoga can ensure a number of disorders and boost your general health and well-being.  I am going to talk about several benefits of yoga and especially how it can help you loose weight.

Yoga fights direct factors of obesity

There are many forms of yoga which are effective in burning calories. These usually combine intensive cardio workouts with traditional yogic postures. Such concentrated workouts, usually known as vinyasa or flow yoga, increase heart rate immensely, and thus help you lose weight. Some yoga styles that can help you burn calories are power yoga, hot yoga, bikram yoga and ashtanga. Hatha and Iyengar yoga, on the other hand, focus on muscle toning and flexibility. However, they do bring about a moderate but consistent loss of weight when practiced regularly.

Yoga fights indirect factors of obesity

Yoga consists of controlled breathing exercises which increase oxygen flow to the brain. Yoga also relaxes the mind and thus keeps mental conditions like depression and anxiety at bay. In fact, yoga is known to be a really good stress buster and enhances mental positivity immensely. Also, the physical activity involved in yoga releases ‘feel good’ endorphins in the body. These give a boost to your mood and put you in a happy frame of mind. The breathing exercises of yoga control mental and physical energy. These factors often lead to positive weight loss.

Thus, continuous practice of yoga will certainly help you gain better control over your mind as the exercise increases mental alertness and cognitive agility enormously. The resultant will be directly witnessed as a slim and trim body you have always dreamt of, but without rigorous exercises and crash diet.

Yoga helps in general well being

Yoga enhances strength, flexibility, balance and co-ordination in your body and also gives a boost to your stamina. It improves the lubrication of joints, filaments and tendons of the body. The meditation exercises normalize blood pressure, increase blood flow to the body and also help to flush out harmful toxins. Yoga also helps to keep all internal organs of the body fit, thereby keeping diseases and disorders at bay.

Are you regularly practicing yoga? If yes let us know what changes you are experiencing after practicing yoga. If not, start practicing and see the magic happen

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