6 Ways to Get Rid of Dark Underarms Naturally at Home

Thanks to the harsh deodorants, most women suffer from the problem of dark underarms (armpits). This is a major barrier especially for women towards wearing sleeveless dresses. The situation becomes painful during the festive seasons. But you cannot possibly stay locked up in your shy zone when there is a solution to this problem. You can easily get rid of dark underarms using natural remedies and that too lat your home without visiting a salon.

There are some basic ingredients which are usually found in your kitchen. You can use these ingredients to get rid of dark underarms naturally. Wondering how? I will give you a good overview of how to treat dark underarms using home remedies. Continue reading

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Amazing Health Benefits of Drinking Milk Every Day

As a child, you must have cringed at the glass when your mother had held it out in front of you and must have wondered why she was being unkind to you. However, as you grew up, and read about milk and its components in your science textbooks, it must have taken you by surprise to realize the mount of goodness it stores. It is the natural health drink that cows gift us and there are so many health benefits of drinking milk every day. It provides a unique balance of nutrients. Milk is by far the best beverage that you can have. Therefore, your mother was not being unkind to you after all.

Depending on the fat content of milk that you drink, the nutritional components are balanced. A cup of milk that contains 3.25% fat is full of 146 calories, 8 grams of fat, and 13 grams of carbohydrate and 8 grams of protein. One cup of non-fat or skim milk has about 86 calories, no fat, and 12 grams of carbohydrate and 8 grams of protein. Continue reading

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7 Ways to Take Care of Oily Skin in Summer and Winter

Did you know that oily skin is actually a good thing? People born with oily skin are blessed with a longer youth because the wrinkle lines appears later for oily skin. The sebum secreted from the sebaceous glands under the skin is the cause behind the oiliness of the skin. Hormonal imbalance or at times even heredity is known to be the factors triggering oil secretion which result in oily skin. People to have oily skin for the rest of their lives notice their T-zone get oily at the onset of puberty, i.e. about the age of 13-14.

But too oily a skin can be a menace. It makes you appear greasy and bit smelly too. If the excess oil is not removed from time to time, the pores of the skin get clogged which leads to breakouts and acne. Acne is terrible problem that most of the teenagers have to deal with. Continue reading

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5 Easy Ways to Handle Stress at Work and in Life

Let us put it this way that stress is a kind of disease because it literally makes you feel uneasy, grumpy and worked out. It eats you up from within and too much of it actually wrings the vitality out of your body.

Science says stress tends to act as a stimulant and increases your level of alertness. However, is it necessary to stay over alert? We are humans after all. No matter how much we try, we cannot be like the machines. Even machines wear down if they operate too much and hence need to halt to retain its ability to perform. The same is the case for us humans too. We can only push ourselves to a certain limit beyond which we cannot. Continue reading

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Pedicure: How to do Salon like Pedicure at Home

Like your hands, your feet too need care, rather, more care. Our feet suffer everyday wear and tear because of our endless moving around. As a result, a lot of dead skin cells starts to accumulate underneath the soles, the ankles. If not mended, it can lead to cracked ankles which cause a real lot of pain.

It’s not that you have to visit salon to get pedicure done. You can do your own pedicure at home but you need some of the essential items as enlisted below: Continue reading

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5 Ways to Get Fairer Skin for Men: Skin Care Tips for Men

A fair complexion has always been associated with handsomeness and charming personality for men. Both men and women alike desire fairness because lately it is believed to be the key to look good. No wonder why fairness creams and face wash creams and gels are making millions in the market. Gone are those days when a man of desire was supposed to be “tall, dark and handsome”.

It was not more than a few decades when men would cringe at women’s obsession over cosmetic and fairness products. They would stay oblivious to their appearance and still women would run after them. Now the scene has changed it seems. Women look for more polished man, a more groomed man and so the man, the ‘chaser’ with the need to keep up has undergone such a transformation. Continue reading

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How to Apply the Concealer and Foundation Correctly

Concealer is basically a type of cosmetic that can be used to hide the dark spots and blemishes which may be visible otherwise. If applied properly, concealer and foundation can do wonders and hide all of the spots and dark circles. Due to a flood of various cosmetic products in the market these days, it is hard to choose which one would ‘make-up’ your face in the best way possible. The most versatile ones are the foundations and concealers that come in many shades and in various textures, with an array of choices depending on the skin tone.

But buying one and then shelving it simply because you are unable to utilize it to enhance your beauty makes no sense. If you are unsure and don’t know how to apply the concealer and foundation properly, then no worries. Here in this post, I am going to give you a good enough idea on how to apply conceal to get that perfect look you have always wanted to have. Continue reading

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How to Do Perfect Facial at Home: Cleaning, Exfoliation & Moisturizing

Facial is a good way to remove the dead skin layer from your face and make it glow. But it is not always possible to seek professional treatments as they are costly. Again, simple scrubbing does not work all the time and it does not give you same or similar results that a perfectly done facial could give. You also need to detoxify your skin to help rejuvenate it and make it glowing and healthy. Glowing and healthy skin is dream of every one, don’t you agree on that?

Fortunately it’s possible to get that perfectly glowing and healthier skin. Facials have a lot of perks. It makes you feel refreshed. Treatments such as oxygen facials are said to help boost growth of new skin cells and soften the skin to eliminate lines, at least temporarily. Other procedures include facials using electric micro-currents to stimulate facial muscles. These temporarily give the skin a firmer, tighter look. But for these you need to visit the salon often which I think would not be really healthy for your pocket.

I am going to share with you a really effective homemade mask which is organic and natural and it suits most of the skin types. Though there are a bunch of masks which you can buy in your favorite cosmetics outlets, I would suggest making one at home is better than buying one generic product from the market. Continue reading

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Step by step Guide to do Manicure at Home – Nail Care

Don’t you just stare at those perfectly done nails of your favorite actress on screen? I am sure you crave for them and wish your nails were just like they have. Well, since the celebrities do not have much time at hand but have the money, they afford to drop in at the salon quite often to do what we call ‘manicure’ to take care of the nails of both the fingers and toes. But for most of us, visiting a salon can be a costly affair. Manicure the cosmetic treatment for your nails and hand can be done at home and I will tell you how do salon like prefect manicure at home.

You can do manicure at home and get perfect and elegant nails and all that you need is a little bit of help and some commonly available things. With a little bit of practice you can master the art of doing manicure and you will be able to do manicure quite comfortably at your home. I will be giving you a good overview of how to do salon like perfect manicure at home with essential steps to help you further. Continue reading

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5 Best Homemade Face Packs for Glowing Skin

Face packs or face masks have been used since long to soften the skin. If applied and used properly, face packs can help you get glowing and fairer looking skin. There are different types of face packs available in the market. But can you really trust all of them? May be yes, may be no.

But what if I tell you how to make natural face packs at home and apply it on your skin to get the glow again? Homemade face packs are always better because you know what ingredients you are using and you are sure that there is no chemical inside the pack.

All that you need is to pamper yourself a lot and find enough time to indulge. Also Mother Nature is always at your side for she is caring. She has bestowed on the humans all those natural fruits needed to make you look beautiful. Since time immemorial, womenfolk of various civilizations have exploited these secrets to beautify themselves. Continue reading

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