How to wash hair with Amla, Reetha and Shikakai

I have been being affected with hair loss for quite sometimes now. I have tried modifying items, experimenting on new hair care products and using extensive conditioning treatments, but nothing seems to work well! It seems to prevent hair loss for while, but only to bring back the problem again.  This seems to be the common story of every third woman. If you have also experienced similar issues, you should try washing your hair with Reetha, Amla and Shikakai shampoo. The happening news is that you can create Reetha, Amla and Shikakai shampoo on your own, right in your kitchen!  This millennium old ayurvedic natural combination is not only well known as a natural hair polisher, but also a homemade colorant that additionally cure hair loss as well.

How to use the shampoo

Soak 5-6 Shikakai, 4 balls of Reetha and several Amla slices in about half a liter of plain water. In the morning, warm the mixture over flame until it just begins to emit steam. Mash all the ingredients into a pulp when it is still warm.
Strain the ingredients once it gets cooled down. Don’t miss this, or else you will end up in making a shampoo filled with leftovers of Shikakai and Amla that will get trapped in your hair! Once done, you can use the fluid to wash your hair.

Caution you must take

Do not let the shampoo get into your eyes, or else your eyes will burn like anything! In case if the liquid accidentally seeps into your eyes, wash it off immediately with lots of water.

What will you get as a reward?

If you have been witnessing lots of plucked strands these days post hair wash, it will now end permanently. You will hardly miss any hair after you have started using Reetha, Amla and Shikakai shampoo meticulously as your only hair care product. It will also prove helpful in eliminating every trace of oil and dust build-up in your scalp, thereby rendering squeaky-clean hair and scalp. Your hair will also look better, voluminous and shiny. You will be surprised to see distinguishable growth of hair and enhancement of hair length much faster that you have even had!

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