How to Look Gorgeous on First Date: Makeup and Dressing Tips

Your first date have to be the special one because you would like to remember your first date for ever. This is the day which is very special in your life. It is your first date and you would not like to look like a trash bag when you appear in front of him. Looks do matter and especially when you know men are visual creatures. Therefore, you need to do something special to make him swoon over you on your first date. However, that does not mean you have to look like a Barbie doll. Usually men cringe at such appearances.

The idea is to make him unable to take his eyes off you. The basic idea should be to keep it simple from your dress to hair to makeup. Everything from makeup to your dress should complement each and other and must have a synch. How else you could look gorgeous for such a special and memorable date.

How to Look Gorgeous on First Date

If you are unsure and feeling nervous then just calm down and relax for a few minute. Plan everything from your dress to how to do your hair and how to apply Kajal and other cosmetics. I am going to share some very basic and easy makeup and dressing tips to help you look gorgeous on first date.

So are you ready?

Here’s how to dress and wear makeup to look gorgeous on your first date

Choose a comfortable dress

Try to be comfortable in what you have decided to wear. Make sure that the dress you are choosing, you are not wearing it for the first time. It’s not easy to convince yourself that you look good especially on your first date. So choose a dress that you have tried and you are sure about.

It is better not to wear too flashy an outfit. A perfect dressing sense is bound to make your person attracted and interested in you. Put on something that is smart. If you are a bit bold by nature, you can show some skin but not in a way that will make your partner feel insecure, that other men are ogling you. High heels are always great to wear on a date if you are not that tall.

Curl up your hair a bit

Curls are just perfect for the date day. Curly will add a lot to your look and make you more attractive. Make sure to clean up your hair well and dry it before you curl it up. For a perfect finish, spread a bit of serum to make your hair tangle free. It will also make your hair look shiny. Hair should be done carefully and its one of the most important elements.

Soft romantic make up on first date

This is the tricky part. Thanks to the BB creams available in the market these days, just a little bit of application will glam you up. However, if you really want to do make up, avoid overdoing any one section of your face. Keep a balance in the makeup that you do. Too much of makeup may not work. So whatever cosmetics you are applying, make sure that it goes with your dress and overall mood.

Make fuller lips

Chapped lips and dried out lips are a huge turn-off. Wipe out dry flakes or slough skin from lips with help of wet cotton cloth and deck up with a mild shade of lip colour. Nowadays even lip balms come in shades so it does not matter anymore whether you do not have a lipstick.

Smell good

When you re complete go for light floral fragrance. Spraying fragrance on your pulse points such as wrists, inner elbows and behind the ears really makes it linger. Again make sure to not put on lots of perfume. Softer is sweeter.

Over to you

Finally, feel confident in your skin and your appearance. Nobody is flawless so there is no need to fret if your lips are too thick or your fingers are not long. What matters the most is the personality and confidence.

Being pretty is not enough, you have to be beautiful and that comes from within. Wear a smile on your face when you greet him and mean it when you do so. Subtleness in your character coupled with exuberance is bound to make your man fall head over heels for you.

So how did you dressed up on your first date day? Care to share? Bring it on.

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