How to Do Eye Makeup like Deepika Padukone

Right from her hair to her toe, the tall and beautiful Deepika Padukone has been so perfect in her looks that she has had heads turning wherever she goes. In the era of High Definition appearances, Deepika manages to win hearts with subtle looks and keeping a minimalistic make-up, both for face and eyes. A simple neutral foundation, Kajal and mascara are all that she needs to complete her daily look. In addition, her eye makeup is more or less consistent.

If you watch carefully, you will find Deepika wears a pair of light brown or green coloured contact lenses. She applies a light to neutral foundation-a tinted moisturizer. She also touches up her under-eye area with concealer. She is fond of bronze shades and uses a matte ginger-bronze blush powder on her cheekbones. A brown eye shadow to her eyelids and contour with a shade darker than that brown shade is a must do. She applies the darker shade on the crease of her lids. No woman can possibly do without eyeliner for her lash line and mascara for the lashes.

How to do Eye Make-up like Deepika Padukone

For finishing the look, she generally uses a highlighting powder under her eyebrow arch. Once you have done your eye makeup, you cannot keep your lips undone. For Deepika, a peachy-brown lipstick completes her face.

Among all the looks, she has appeared in, until recently, two of the most talked about and sought after looks are discussed below in detail. If you can get your hands on the items I have mentioned, you can achieve these looks as well.

Ram-Leela Look of Deepika Padukone

Step 1: do not remove the Kajal completely if you were wearing it from before. The faint black line is needed. It will complement the look. Given the look was Indian, full brows are a very important part. Use matte brown eye shadow or a dark brown eyebrow pencil to give the eyebrows a fuller look. However, do not make it very dramatic. Keep in mind that the look was not overdone.

Step 2: it would be best if you could get a champagne gold coloured eye shadow to apply all over the lids as a base. Even Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Bold Gold will also do.

Step 3: on the base, now apply a muted golden brown colour. Perhaps, MAC Texturize has that shade.

Step 4: you can understand that brown is the shade mostly being used. Choose a matte brown eye shadow to apply all over the crease extending it a little beyond the eye. Use a brush to do the extension. Be careful not to botch.

Step 5: do not forget to use a blending brush to fade out the harsh edges of the brown eye shadow.

Step 6: with the same blending brush, bring down the brown eye shadow to the lower lash line. It will be easier to apply to the lower section.

This completes the eye make-up. Do the bindi and make a black dot just under it. Your Leela look has been completed.

Cocktail look of Deepika Padukone

This is a complete Western look with a hint of retro eye lining. It is a bit more dramatic than the Leela look of Deepika.

Follow the steps to get the cocktail look of Deepika Padukone

Step 1: you need to draw a thick line across your lash line and extend it to the inner corner to make your eyes look bigger. Leave out the outer edge for drawing out the wing. It will be done later because it needs a bit of care to get the winged part done perfectly.

Step 2: Create the wing by drawing a slash from the outer edge to the inner end where the line has ended and fill up until you get a wing. Do not attach it to the lower lash line, as there is no line on the lower lash line in Deepika’s look.

Step 3: Create a small straight wing with a medium brown eye shadow. Apply a medium brown shadow in the crease. Then curl your lashes with mascara that has curling brushes if you are too scared to use a curler for lashes.

Step 4: For completing this look too, fill in your eyebrows with a dark brown eye shadow or an eye pencil and apply a brown lipstick.


At first try to get the required cosmetic items, I mentioned while I was explaining the look systematically. Then, it will be easier to concentrate on getting your desired look. My opinion is that Deepika’s Leela look is by far the best ethnic look Bollywood has gifted us.

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