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The Internet is filled with posts related to how to lose weight. Well, what about those people who want to ‘gain’ weight? They are in minority. I would like to add to the count so here I am with a diet plan to guide those women gain weight.

But let me warn you. Do not expect to gain weight within a fortnight if you are significantly skinny. Another idea absolutely wrong to think is that eating a lot of food throughout the day will add to your weight. You should focus on eating the right food in right amount and at the right time to gain weight in a healthy manner.Diet to Gain Weight for Women

The following tips will give you an idea of how to begin with your mission.

Add more calories to your diet

While fat people are advised to avoid calories, skinny ones have the privilege to add some of these, of course not in excess, to their diet. You need to consume more than approximately 250 calories daily. This will contribute half a kilo to your current weight. Foods that are rich in calories like Pulses, cereals, meat, bread, rice, dry fruits and nuts will help you to achieve this. Once you begin doing this, stop eating outside- it does no good, instead, it disturbs the balance you are trying to achieve.

Vegetables like French beans, broccoli, Chinese cabbage, carrots, lettuce, spinach, asparagus, pumpkins and eggplants have higher calorie content among the vegetable sources. People fear having red meat because of the high cholesterol content but that adds only when you over eat it. A Healthy portion of red meat will actually help you gain weight. Fried potatoes help too in putting on healthy weight.

Adding olive oils in generous quantities to your salads will help you gain good weight. This is the time when you begin drinking milk and curds with fat. A full calorie dairy product is necessary include in your diet.

Increase the number of meals

Make your breakfast, lunch and dinner heavy and rich in calories. Fill in the gaps in between the big ones with small meals. During the small meals, you can include fruit smoothie, a glass of full fat milk, nuts like almonds, cashew and curd. Even sandwiches with cheese will do a good job. However, in between these meals you can definitely gorge on a bit of burger, pizzas and all.

For breakfast, you can try this: two-multigrain breads with low fat butter and egg omelette, A bowl of corn flakes, oats, or porridge, two chapattis with a bowl of vegetables, daliya khichdi or fruits with a glass of fruit juice. Before breakfast, a morning cup of coffee is always welcome.

For lunch, choose any of the options: a small bowl of rice with two chapattis, a bowl of pulses, a bowl of wet vegetable curry, two pieces of chicken, fish, eggs or cottage cheese. Green salad comprising of cucumber, cabbage, radish, carrot and tomatoes are good options to include. Include a small bowl of sweet curd and it is perfect as a dessert.

High proteins along with calories

You also need to include the right amount of proteins to your diet. Only adding calories are not enough.

You can get your right dose of protein from eggs, lean meat, fish, pulses, sprouts and dairy products that will help you build your muscles. Sea fish and their oils are a great source of fats, vitamins and proteins and help increase weight. For e.g.- Fish such as tuna, mackerel, salmon, sardine etc.

Take weight gain and vitamin supplements

These are added advantage to the diet that you are following. However, taking them alone will do more harm than good because these are appetizers. If you do not have enough food in your belly, these supplements will burn whatever food is inside releasing more acid and peptic juices.

Exercise well

Just as exercise is good to lose weight, it can help gain weigh equally well. Do Pilates exercise thrice in a week. You can skip Sundays from working out and lazing in bed.

It’s over to you now

If you can follow these well, you will see a significant change in your physique within two- three months. There is no shortcut to achieving good things in life and they come to those who wait. Being skinny is good but not too skinny.

Hop on, get determined and within months you will look fabulous.

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