How to Apply Mehndi Designs on Hands in Indian style

Be it any occasion these days, Pujas, wedding, or anything – Indian women cannot do without applying mehndi on hand. Indian women apply mehndi to decorate their palms and wrist with different types of mehndi designs. Not only does it make the hands look beautiful, it also cools the palms.

Uses of mehndi are not new, but initially it was used by women. But these days’ even men apply mehndi but they don’t use it in the way a women does. Indian women use for festive occasions like weddings events and traditional ceremonies or during the festivals.

Mehndi on Hands

Mehndi or the henna pastes are available in cone from different manufacturer. These cones are ready to use, just cut it and apply; it’s as easy as that. But this is an art, if you and unless you know how to apply mehndi n hands, you may not be able to create different pattern and designs on your hand using mehndi.

But till today, women in villages use fresh mehndi. They would get fresh leave from the mehndi plant and create a paste using different types of ingredients like lemon, tea, sugar etc. There are many ways to make the paste, but for this very post I am assuming you are using a cone.

Here are the items that you need before you start applying mehndi.

  • A design book that contains ideas for mehndi designs. If you are creative enough, you can sketch out one on your own.
  • A mehndi cone containing mehndi
  • Tissue paper
  • Glitter cone (if you want it glittery)
  • Mehndi stencil
  • Lemon juice

Here’s how to apply mehndi designs

  1. You can hold the cone in several different ways – like a cake-decorating tube, or like a pencil.
  2. Place the cone in your hand between your thumb and forefinger and curl remaining fingers around for support. Keep the forefinger perpendicular to the thumb that is in line with the arm.
  3. Now, looking at the design, carefully copy it on your hands and palm. In case you botch at places, use a tissue to correct the mistakes.
  4. After applying, wait until it gets dry. Rub off the powder. To the print that it retained, you can rub a bit of lemon juice- it will help the design to last longer.
  5. You can also use stencils on your hand, apply the henna paste on it, and remove it carefully. Rest of the steps is the same.

Over to you

Check if you are allergic to henna before applying it. It is always better to use fresh cones. You should look out for expired ones and never use them. Readymade mehndi cones these days contain chemicals so you should be wary of them as well. It is best to make your own mehndi cone at home but in case you do not have time, take care to see that you are using a fresh cone.

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