How to apply Kajal and Eyeliner the Alia Bhatt Way

Alia Bhatt is the new kid in town and within a short span of time she has set a trend of her own with her chic looks that any college-girl would love to get. She is quite a fashionista and the way she carries herself can give the other reigning Bollywood divas a run for their money. Yet, the key to her looks is not too bombastic. For her makeup, she loves to keep it simple though and hates overdoing and being flashy. When it comes to her eyes, it is quite a minimalistic one yet it is really catchy.

Alia Bhatt always applies Kajal and use eyeliner to finish off her makeup. The way it looks, getting that eye make up done should be a piece of cake. This article provides you with the hacks to apply Kajal and eyeliner to achieve the Alia Bhatt eyes.

How to apply Kajal and Eyeliner the Alia Bhatt Way

Start with a simple line of black eye liner on your upper eyelash. Begin gently drawing the line from the corner of the eye and carefully pull it till the end of the lash line- giving the end a winged shape is not necessary. The product Eye Studio Hyper Sharp Liner comes with a tip making it easy to apply the eyeliner without hassle and it really defines the eye with the precise line that it helps make with its pointy tip. Before applying the liner, you can apply the Diamond Glow Eye Shadow, the copper brown to give your eyes the glamorous look.

After you are done with your upper lid, come down to the lower lash line, start applying the Colossal Kajal from Maybelline from the corner of the eye again and darken as you move to the outer edge. Use your finger tip to smudge the outer corner portion so as to make the eyeliner and kajal blend but take care not to botch it.

Now for the finishing touch to complete the eye make up apply the Colossal Volum’ Express Mascara on both your lashes to make them look long. Alia already has naturally long lashes but you may not, so here is the trick to fake it a bit. A careful application of the mascara will add to the oomph. This mascara is water proof so it won’t be a problem for the monsoon season as well.

Go give this a try. Apply kajal and eyeliner in the way mentioned above and get gorgeous and chic, just like Alia.


Eye make-up is the most important section of makeup and it should be done with great care. Choose the right Kajal and Eyeliner and applying it using the right technique can make you look like your favorite Bollywood starts e.g. Alia Bhatt or Kareen Kapoor. You get to be the center of attraction because your eyes will do the talking for you. But if you don’t know how to apply Kajal or eyeliner, no matter how costly your favorite eye liner is, it won’t cut it for you.

How do you apply Kajal when getting ready for a party during the weekend? Share your experience by commenting below.

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