7 Tips on How to Apply Kajal on Eyes

Kajal is a very important element in overall makeup for ladies. It is also applied to babies in India (specially in villages) as it cures lots of eye related disorders. Kajal as its name suggest is black in color, if not applied properly, it could easily spread around and ruin your overall makeup and look.

There are many ways to apply Kajal and different apply it differently. Some of the common ways to apply Kajal properly on your eyes are as under

1. Wash your face and eye properly to ensure it’s clean and that there are no dirt particles on your face and around your eyes before applying Kajal and eyeliners.

2. If you have dry skin, then you may like to apply some kind of moisturizer before applying Kajal

3. If you have oily skin, then consider washing your face and apply powder before applying Kajal.

4. Take a god quality Kajal (herbal Kajal are even better) and glide it on the outer side of waterline of your eye and then compact it between waterline and lower lash line

5. If you are using pencil, then ensure that tip of the pencil is thin and apply it from inner to outer side of your eyes.

6. If you are not using pencil, then take some Kajal on your finder and apply it carefully on the lower eye or waterline.

7. Store your Kajal in refrigerator for a while before applying to your eye. This gives your eye cool and soothing effect.

There are many brands offering different options to you. Choose a good quality Kajal or eyeliner product that suits you. Let us know how you apply Kajal to your eyes and what precautions you take by commenting.

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