7 Hacks for Beautiful Hair and How to do Hair Care at Home

Every woman desires to have lustrous, long hair. Some are born with good genes that gift them with good hair. Some women may have average hair quality and their hair too, can be made to look great and shine with health but only when you know how to do proper care at home. Beautiful hair is not a myth. However, it not only lies with the choice of perfect masks and the perfect products but also on the way they are used. Unless you practice the best hair care tips, it will make it all the more brittle.

Unlike your skin care routine, your hair too needs attention. If you take proper care of your hair, you can maintain it and help it glow and shine forever. But if you ignore it, you may end up with hair fall and other issues very soon. Dirt, pollution, stress and a hectic lifestyle could simply ruin your hair and thus proper hair care is more important today.

How to do Hair Care at Home

Here in this post I am sharing some of the essential hacks to maintain beautiful hair. Without wasting any moment let’s move on.

  1. Prior to shampooing your hair massage your hair with oil from root to tip. Amla oil and bhringaraj oil are good options. Keep it for about an hour. This will help protect the hair from getting dry when shampooing the hair. Be it any shampoo you use, use a clarifying shampoo for once a week to clean the scalp.Wash your hair till its dripping wet. It is essential that no part of the hair stays dry or else when you apply the shampoo, there will be build ups left which could damage your hair. Anyway, now take shampoo on your palm, quantity should be about the size of a 50p coin, add a little bit of water, rub it in your hands and slowly massage all over the scalp for about 40 seconds before you wash off. If you have oily hair, repeat the process with the shampoo.While you wash off, do not run your fingers through your hair. Wet hair is very brittle and any harsh handling can damage it. It’s best to run the water with a hand shower. It eases the process of washing the hair. Remember not to use very hot water for it will dry out the hair even more.
  1. Conditioning the hair is a must- Remember not to apply the conditioner on the scalp. If you have very dry scalp, then perhaps you need to use a deep conditioner but concentrate more on the length of the hair.
  2. Use a hair pack suited to your hair once a week. Water strained from reetha, shikakai, is applied to the hair nourishes it through and through. Certain herbal hair packs are now available in the market, choose the one that suits your hair and get going.
  3. Take vitamin supplements as prescribed by the doctor. Along with that, eat good food, vegetables and fruits to keep you internally fit. A balanced diet always works well for hair.
  4. Eat and sleep well. And while styling avoid tight hairstyles or heating up your hair to dead straight. A moderate blow drying would do enough.
  5. You should never brush your hair too much. At first, begin with a wide toothed comb to detangle your hair and then start with a moderately wide comb from the ends and make your way to the top of the hair. While combing, divide your hair into sections and begin from the lower end of each section. NEVER brush or comb your hair when wet! It will weaken the strands.
  6. It’s not that you cannot use styling products. A light mousse or a good finish hair spray will do just good when you go out to party. I recommend avoiding over usage.


Beauty is a natural gift. But to retain the same for a long period of time one needs to make constant efforts. A bit of attention to your self can make a lot of difference. And when it’s about hair care, you can’t take chances. Once it’s gone, it’s gone.

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